About the Unitarian Universalist Association and UUNB

Our Governance at UUNB

We arise from a Congregationalist background, which means that we, as a congregation, govern ourselves. We determine our own direction, but are asked by the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations to abide by, to the best of our abilities, the Seven Principles, acknowledged by all member congregations of the UUA.

We are responsible for funding ourselves and all of our chosen projects and ministries. We designed, built and maintain our beautiful meeting place and grounds. We call and pay the salary of our minister, and we rely on our own members to speak on those Sundays when our minister is away from our pulpit. This shared ministry model allows individuals the chance to present their beliefs and to grow in leadership abilities while providing the congregation with a greater diversity of subjects and ideas to ponder.

In other words, we are responsible for what this church was, is now, and what it will become in the future. And each person who enters our doors and participates…either as a member OR as a friend…changes the body, the dynamic, the future of this congregation.

We welcome you and the transformation
that you bring!

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