Adult Education

Adult Religious Explorations, 9:30 AM


Current study is “Science and Religion”, a DVD series featuring
Lawrence M. Principe, PhD. Discussion follows.

What is the nature of the relationship between science and religion? When do they conflict? And how do they influence each other in the pursuit of knowledge and truth? While conventional wisdom says that science and theology must perpetually clash, they have actually been partners in an age-old adventure.

Moving from the early centuries of the Christian era and the Middle Ages to our own day, Professor Lawrence M. Principe examines St. Augustine's profound ideas about reason and faith, and he follows St. Thomas Aquinas's exploration of miracles - the need to identify them is one example of how scientific and theological inquiry overlap.

You'll meet a 19th-century writer whose anti-Catholic diatribe spread myths that persist today, and you'll learn about the courage (and stubbornness) of Galileo, the unexpected rationality of his accusers, the inspiration of Darwin's natural selection, and the religious implications of Lemaître's big bang theory.

The solution to modern conflicts is the study of history. Such study will equip you to join that partnership with ideas and a clear, historical perspective on the science/religion relationship. These tools will help you participate more effectively in a dialogue that is as thought-provoking today as it was hundreds of years ago.

Come at 9:15 for coffee, donuts, and conversation, program begins at 9:30.

Online Leadership Courses for UUNB Members and Friends


UU Leadership Institute is offering 11 online courses, with each class comprised of eight modules released two weeks apart from early September through December.  The classes are taken individually online with group “community of practice” sessions to be scheduled at UUNB toward the end of the semester. 

The UUNB Leadership Development Committee has selected three of the courses
to recommend to our members and friends:

Please visit for the course descriptions and to become familiar with how the courses operate.  There is a fee of $30/course with financial assistance available. 

Questions? Email and place ‘attn: Mary H’ in the Subject line.

Our Unitarian Universalist Story presented by Rev. Addae Kraba

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Gain an appreciation for the historical evolution of Unitarian Universalism in terms of issues, disputes and concepts that have shaped our liberal religious tradition over the past four centuries. Participants can expect to develop a sense of pride in UU History and discover how one’s own faith journey differs or aligns with the UU experience. Email  for more information and schedule.

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