“Benefits of Connecting with Strangers,” – Irene Keller, Ph.D.

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Our own Irene Keller states, “To avoid others, we often stare at our phones, retreat into ideological silos, while creating a deep sense of isolation for ourselves and others. We can continue such behavior, fueling fear and distrust of others—strangers—perpetuating a sense of loneliness, or we could choose to connect with strangers, even if briefly, so we all feel a sense of human connectiveness while bringing “compassion in human relations” (UU 2ndPrinciple). We are not all one, but we are all here, so perhaps we can help the soul of a community feel more harmonious, or make someone’s sense of loneliness, including our own, disappear for a while.”

Our mission is to support each other in our quest for truth and well-being and to promote justice, religious freedom and peace.

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