Mayan Astrology: CUUPS Sponsored Event

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Mayan Astrology

Brought to you by Sacred Earth Circle CUUPS on Saturday, May 21 at 10 am

Taught by Chol Romero-Dungan

The Maya are a distinct culture that originated & still live in the southern parts of Mexico, all of Guatemala & Belize, & the western portions of Honduras & El Salvador. Known for their hieroglyphic writing, accomplishments in mathematics & astronomy, architecture, art, cosmology, & many more…

The Mayan Calendar, also called the Long Count, could be more accurately called “a grouping” of calendar days. The most important of these groupings is the 260-day sacred astrological calendar, known as the Tzolkin and its most important use was as a matrix of personality types, with 260 possible signs as opposed to just 12.

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