“Quantum Spirituality” – Chol Romero-Dungan

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Quantum Spirituality is where science and spirit meet and mix. For many, it feels strange to combine the two when for centuries they stayed separate from each other. When we learn to combine the two there is a realization that there is one field of energy, one web of connection, that merges matter and spirit. At the sub-atomic levels, science used to call the spaces between matter “empty space.” Yet to the shamans and energy healers of alternative spiritualities this is where spirit lives. When delving deeper down the rabbit hole that is quantum physics and mechanics, we begin to understand more about ourselves and our connections to everything.

Niko Ana Jeanne is an author, speaker and thought leader in the field of personal spiritual transformation. Her background as a Buddhist lay minister, Yoga and meditation teacher and professional vocalist informs her trans-denominational approach to chanting.

Niko will be performing the Sanbujo or “Three Respectful Callings.” This chant is used at the beginning of many Jodo Shinshu services. The verses were written by Shan Tao (Zendo in Japanese, 618-681 CE), the fifth master of Shin Buddhism.

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