Quarterly CUUPs: Alternative Spiritual Musick Appreciation

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For Pagans, the interplay between darkness and light and the dynamics of the cyclical and changing seasons are fundamental. Each of these is an expression of a deeper truth. By making a conscious choice to be active participants in the ebb and flow of the natural world, Pagans experience harmony.

Musick is an energy, a vibration, and can even be a spell/prayer for many who practice alternative faiths. For those who use musick as a source of inspiration for their faith, learn to internalize and tune in to the divine. There are many who practice their faith solely through musick. Finding musick specific to alternative spiritualities can be quite challenging. In a world where the dominant faith can have its own labeled genre, those of alternative faiths have to dig and be creative with their search for musick.

In this gathering, we will be listening and discussing spiritual musick that Pagans, Pagan Likes, Alternative Spiritualists, Earth-based Faiths, and more will find intriguing.

Chol is a lover of musick and has done the search for many pagans with her diverse playlists within the Spotify platform. She also has an excel spreadsheet she is willing to give out for free, in the works with many names of artists/bands to look into. Her goal is to get people listening to a more varied musick selection for those who are more Earth-based in their faith.

Our mission is to support each other in our quest for truth and well-being and to promote justice, religious freedom and peace.

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