Quarterly CUUPs: Sacred Dance

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Dance is a very natural part of our lives and is as ancient as creation. It is difficult to identify when exactly dance became a part of human culture. What we do know is that dance is important to humans and has been used for centuries.

What makes Sacred Dance different from “just dancing” is our intention and the need/want to express ourselves. We are intending to make this connection with the Divine, with the Earth, and with others by using our bodies to create the waves of patterns and movements. Sacred Dance not only works on the physical level but on the energetic and spiritual level as well. This connection can be seen as an energy source to work magic or to send out a prayer. We become one with the music, the Earth’s rhythm, everything, and everyone around us. We create in the moment like a moving meditation synchronized towards a goal or intention. It is at this point that the Dance becomes more of a spiritual practice.

We will learn the Well Dance, Sun Dance, Birth Canal Dance, and if we have enough time also a Meditation Dance and Spiral Dance.

Must be physically able to move your feet and body in order to participate. Kids are welcome yet guardians please keep them from accidentally tripping people up while dancing. If you are someone with disabilities who is unable to dance/move around. You are welcome to come and move whatever you are able to on the outside of the circle.

Our mission is to support each other in our quest for truth and well-being and to promote justice, religious freedom and peace.

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