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The 7th Principle of our Unitarian Universalist faith is respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. Our congregation has taken steps towards making choices that have a positive impact on Earth and its inhabitants and that reduce our negative impacts. The Green Sanctuary program was created by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). UUNB earned accreditation by UUA as a Green Sanctuary in 2011. A Green Team committee formed that performed a self-assessment, wrote an action plan, and completed several projects across four focus areas:

  1. Environmental Justice
    Goal: Work in solidarity with communities most affected by climate change.
    Past/current projects include: WomenBuild Habitat Home; donation of CFL light bulbs to SOS Food Bank; participation in New Braunfels Earth Day Celebration.
  2. Worship and Celebration
    Goal: Stay connected to one other and celebrate our accomplishments.

    Past/current projects include: introduction of Green Sanctuary to congregation; guest speaker on climate change; intergenerational service in honor of Earth Day.
  3. Religious Education
    Goal: Inspire the community to keep working towards sustainability and help shape the attitudes and practices of children, teens, and adults.

    Past/current projects include: instructed 13-week RE course “The Earth is My Mother”; offered the Northwest Earth Institute course “Choices for Sustainable Living”; directed “Passport to Fun” summer camp.
  4. Sustainable Living
    Goal: Use fewer resources and become more mindful of our choices.

    Past/current projects include: installation of rainwater catchment system and solar powered lighting; integration of composting, mulching, and recycling into our church; build and design of our church.

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  • Project Drawdown: What can individuals and small groups do?
    Being a Green Sanctuary is an ongoing activity. UUNB continues to host groups that examine and reflect upon our impact on the Earth and take action in response to environmental challenges both large and small. Dr. Dianne Rahm recently led a 6-session discussion group featuring Project Drawdown. You can read her summary below.

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