We Are a Welcoming, Progressive Community

We come from a wide range of religious and socioeconomic backgrounds and seek to share a journey of spiritual growth together while respecting the individual’s right to freedom of belief. We have a “shared ministry” which means that on any given Sunday our pulpit is filled by either our minister or by speakers from our congregation or the community at large. A caring, creative religious educator leads our children’s program.

You may want to join us if:

  • you seek to grow spiritually by tapping into the wisdom of religious sources from around the world
  • you want to express your faith through acts of compassion and justice
  • you believe the question is as important as the answer, knowing that some questions have no answers
  • you value diversity and respect for people from different backgrounds, philosophies, and lifestyles
  • you want an environment where reason and freedom of thought are valued
  • you believe that love is more powerful than fear or hatred

We welcome you and the diversity you bring!

Our mission is to support each other in our quest for truth and well-being and to promote justice, religious freedom and peace.