Adult Religious Explorations

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This event is running from 14 January 2024 until 26 December 2027. It is next occurring on June 2, 2024 9:00 am

  • Venue: UUNB Worship Room
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Join us each Sunday morning for our spiritually-grounded classes for adults. We offer a wide array of topics to help you discover your own truths and encourage spiritual growth.

Our current study series is Understanding the New Testament, a historical, non-devotion perspective of early Christianity. Here’s the lineup for May:

  • 5/05 – Paul’s Theology on Slavery and Christ
  • 5/12 Adapting Paul’s Teachings to New Situations
  • 5/19 Jesus as the Suffering Son of Man in Mark
  • 5/26 Jesus as the New Moses in Mathew