October to Honor our Ancestors

Ancestor Altar/Spirit Altar/Ofrenda (ALL of October)

For the month of October, there will be an altar at the back of the UUNB Gathering room leading up to our Sunday service on October 30th about honoring our ancestors and deceased loved ones. We will make a spirit altar, ask our loved ones to join us and rejoice in their presence.

As we enter a transitioning time between warmer and colder months the festivals and celebrations of ancestors and loved one’s passed emerge. Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead where we bring food and gifts to the dead; Samhain, the Celtic word for Summer’s End, marked a time to pay homage to the deceased; and many more. Celebrations for the dead span across the world. The traditions vary from culture to culture, region to region and family to family. Food and offerings to be shared with the departed. Bells to ring in spirits, drums to guide their footsteps, fires to open doorways and windows. Alters to pay respects and remembrance. Dances and songs to entice their presence. Stories of lore, love, laughter, and life.

The altar will be decorated with candles, marigolds, and pictures of our loved ones who have come and gone. Please feel free to bring pictures of loved ones passed to place upon the altar; ancestors, recent loved ones, and even pets. Feel free to be creative, maybe even leave a story about the person with their photo.

For questions contact: Chol at cholroman13@gmail.com