Willing to Be Willing

There may be times when we find ourselves struggling or even fighting with our emotions and thoughts, feeling that something should be done in a particular way or perhaps not at all. But it’s the way we are looking at the experience that is causing the turmoil within us, because life is not this way. If we can turn our attention to the source in order to solve the problem, we then become aware that the struggle is with ourselves. However, we must be willing to look where we need to look and feel emotions that may make us uncomfortable at first. We can then choose to open ourselves to understanding all the options and discover that we are resisting something based on a limited understanding, and then open ourselves to willingness. Many years ago, one of my mentors said that in situations such as these, we must first “be willing to be willing.”  When we are willing to look at all the possibilities, we also become willing to accept that there is room for more than we can imagine. We can then release the hold we have on our emotions and stop limiting ourselves. Opening ourselves to willingness may feel like we are abandoning all that we believe, but at the same time it is an act of power and courage, because it’s a conscious choice. We may have been unwilling to experience confusion, fear, or even joy for some reason or another, but when we realize that our understanding was limited, we allow space for the universe to move in our lives. Because being willing is to be in a state of manifesting something into being. It’s allowing ourselves to be, while also choosing to direct our energy in a focused way. It is being and doing from a place of openness, where we work with the universe rather than resisting it. It is an open hand rather than a clenched fist. When we make a step toward willingness, we open our lives to the wisdom of the universe and its movement in and through our lives to all possibilities.

Heart to Heart,
Rev. Addae