September Congregational Meeting

Dear Members and Friends of UUNB,

Please save the date for our next Congregational Meeting to be held on Sunday, September 24, at 12:15 PM, after Sunday Service in person.

Below are links to the Agenda and May’s Meeting Minutes for review.
1) September Congregational Meeting Agenda
2) 2023-05-21 UUNB Congregational Meeting Minutes – FOR REVIEW

Reminder that during this meeting we will also be votes to amend the Bylaws. Links below to a Bylaw Video Explanation” that is13 minutes and two Bylaw Documents you will need.
1) Bylaw Video Explanation
2) 2023-01-22 UUNB Bylaws
3) UUNB Bylaws 2023 WORKING DOCUMENT for September Cong. Meeting

At the meeting presenters will field questions and accept recommendations. Please note any changes outside the scope of the presented working document they will need to wait until the next Congregational Meeting (January 2024) since changes require at least 30 days’ notice prior to a Congregational Meeting.

Email the secretary if you have any questions. These items will also be available on the website.

Chol Romero-Dungan, UUNB Secretary

Why Are Bylaws Important to a Congregation?

According to UUA, bylaws provide the formal structure of your congregation and allow for maintaining and changing that structure. They guide your membership by defining the way things are done, and they are a means of relating your congregation to the UUA and to the law governing church institutions within your jurisdiction. Bylaws should:
• be brief and clearly stated
• cover only the bare bones of the organizational structure
• be reasonably easy to amend
• comply with the laws to which the organization is subject
• be readily accessible to all members

The Texas Non-Profit Organization Act states that bylaws are legally required by non-profit organizations operating in Texas. The Texas Attorney General has the right to inspect the books and records of all non-profits. Violations of bylaws puts a non-profit in jeopardy of losing their tax-exempt status and opening up the possibility of legal investigations.

Please direct any questions you may regarding the bylaw’s revision to our Board Secretary and Bylaws Committee member Chol Roman at  Chol will collect the questions and the committee will provide answers during the congregational meeting in order for everyone to hear the explanations.