No Children’s RE in July

  • Childcare provided.  Kids who can handle staying in the big room can enjoy the service with families, but there is no pressure for kids to stay in the Gathering Room and they are welcome in childcare.
  • Look for an art-based service in July with Candy Carpenter.  This is a great time to bring kids and enjoy the service as a family.
  • Busy hands/soul work activities to help with kids staying in the service will be on the tables in the foyer.  You may also bring quiet activities to help your child stay busy and stay with you if needed.
  • No weekly RE email until we return.
  • Kids’ RE resumes August 4th.

Don’t forget! August 25th is the Blessing of the Backpacks, our annual back to school intergen service where we send the kids back to school with love, wisdom, community and blessings.  Intergen choir participants needed!