Values and Beliefs

In 2020 the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board of Trustees appointed an Article II Study Commission which received input from thousands of Unitarian Universalists around the country before presenting, in early 2022, a proposal for changes to Article II.UUA Bylaws mandate that Article II be reviewed every fifteen years. The last wholesale review was in 1987. Delegates at General Assembly 2024 voted decisively to approve a new statement of values and beliefs for Unitarian Universalism.

     I know that many Unitarians Universalists feel a nostalgist pull, feeling like they are discarding the Seven Principles and six sources that they have grown up with, however, when reviewing our core values, we are reaffirming that Unitarian Universalism is a living tradition. We change and grow with the times. Executive Vice President of the UUA, Carey McDonald has this to say, “Individuals and congregations are welcome to continue to hold and value the principles and sources as a meaningful part of the faith, just as some have adopted the Eighth Principle. The Eighth Principle specifically calls out antiracism and anti-oppression as central to congregational life and Unitarian Universalist values.” I have served UUNB since 2017, and each time that I have asked founders of this congregation what they view as the core value, I’ve been told that it is “LOVE” so if that is indeed our core value, UUNB has been ahead of the UUA’s review, and the core being love.

Heart to Heart,
Rev. Addae